Top Indian Actresses Caught in Prostitution

We see all the actresses for their lavish lifestyles, designer clothes, sexy figures and what not. But being an actress is not so easy. During the period of their struggle, they have to make dirty compromises to play a big role in films and even when they make a name for themselves in the industry, they have to go through many challenges. When their career is in the back seat, they talk abusively for survival. There have been many actresses in our Hindi film industry who opted for prostitution to survive. Here, a look at actresses caught in prostitution scandals.

Sherlyn Chopra

The super hot super Kamasutra actress made headlines when she opened up about joining a sex racket for money. During an interview, she said that it was only out of compulsion, which she found herself in.10-Indian-Actresses-Who-Were-Caught-In-Shocking-Prostitution-Scandals1

Mishti Mukherjee

Life Ki To Lag Gayi’ actress, Mishto Mukherjee was caught for running a sex racket. She herself was also involved in flesh trade. When police raided her Lokhandwala apartment, her father and borther were arrested for selling pornographic material. Police seized 25,000 porn CD’s worth Rs 2 lakh from her flat. She denied of all the charges and claimed to be innocent by saying, “When we returned from Goa on January 2, we found that our belongings were scattered all over the house. When I checked the locker, jewelry and cash worth Rs 1 lakh were missing. The CCTV footage was blank and the cameras hadn’t recorded anything. I questioned the four servants about all this, but they denied any role in the incident.”


Caroline Mariya Asan

The Tamil actress was arrested in 2012 for being involved in a prostitution racket. The police raided a five star hotel where she was caught red-handed in the illegal act.


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